Monthly Programs


  1. Active Driver’s License
  2. Clean Driving Record
  3. Copy of Insurance
  4. Application

Once we receive the information above, along with the other required provided documents, our attorneys, will be in contact.  After you have received your contract agreement you will become a member and Auto License Pro will set up you up with a dealership that will license, bond, and insure you.

Once all documents have been signed and notarized we will conclude the process and get you started.You can rest assured that Auto License Pro will provide you with an ample amount of support to teach, coach, and guide you every step of the way.

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Dealer's License (PRO)
$299.99 Per Month
Dealer Only Auction Access
Bonded Used Car Dealer
Buy Here/Pay Here
Paperwork Assistance
Temp Tag
Use of Dealers License
Dealers Insurance
Dealers Registration
Dealers Plate
Buy & Sell No Limit!
Keep All Profit
No Credit Check
No Bond Required
No state Classes Required
Application Fee ($150)
Security Deposit ($250.00)

Prices vary depending on State of Residency. For more information, Click Here